Yes. You can submit article on our Business community.

First you need to register to our site. After registering, you will be automatically privilege to submit articles.

After sign in, you will find a new menu have come up with different categories name. Select a category for your article topic. and a new page will come with a small but rich text editor to help you for submitting your article in our site.

By this, you can be an author of BBA-MBA.net.

Q. For which purpose you should use this website?


We recommended you to use our site only for learning purpose. Information published here, especially reports (in download section), must not use for any research or reference. Data you found here, are may not the correct one. Sometime students have to use dummy data (which they logically predict), when those are too confidential to get, and without those numerical value or information the report may not complete.

Our objectives to publish reports:

BBA or MBA students often fall in problem: - what will be the structure, - how the data will be presented; when they asked to submit a report. Huge time wasted by them to decide these things. A complete guideline here we publish about various report formats, along with some real examples to ease their understanding difficulty. 

Student should not do copy-paste job from our site while preparing reports.

About BBA-MBA.net

This site is designed focusing the BBA [Bachelor of Business Administration] and MBA [Master of Business Administration] students, though it is useful to all other business students and learners. 

Here you will find articles, reports and journals which will help to expand knowledge on major business fields, e.g. marketing, finance, HRM (Human Resource Management), branding, advertising, management, accounting and other common departments.