Finance is one of the most critical activities of the organization. Success of organization very much depend on it. Here is some important articles on Finance.

General functions of central bank are as follows:

1. Supervision of the banking system

2. Advising the government on monetary policy

3. Issue of banknotes

4. Acting as banker to other banks

Here a brief discussion on different roles of commercial banks.

Contribution to economic development:
The commercial banks are described now a day by many agents of economic development and social change. Their functions and roll are undergoing revolutionary changes client coverage and extended beyond imagination.

Financial statement analysis is the process of examining relationships among financial statement elements and making comparisons with relevant information. It is a valuable tool used by investors and creditors, financial analysts, and others in their decision-making processes related to stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

Estimation of the Cost of Capital:

In recent decades, theoretical breakthroughs in such areas as portfolio diversification, market efficiency, and asset pricing have converged into compelling recommendations about the cost of capital to a corporation. The cost of capital is central to modern finance, touching on investment and divestment decisions, measure of economic profit, performance appraisal, and incentive systems.


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