HR [Human Resource] is the Life of an organization. Therefore, HRM [Human Resource Management] is one of the important function of business. Here some important HRM Articles.

Human Resource is very important department for any organization. And Chief Executive Officers are also important for any organization. One CEO spent many years working in HR; the others have less experience with human resource management. Despite these varied backgrounds, the comments from all five CEOs reveal common themes and common areas where HR can stand to improve.

Both the job description and the job specification are useful tools for the staffing process, the first of the seven HR functions to be discussed. Someone (e.g., a department manager) or some event (e.g., an employee's leaving) within the organization usually determines a need to hire a new employee. In large organizations, an employee requisition must be submitted to the HR department that specifies the job title, the department, and the date the employee is needed. From there, the job description can be referenced for specific job related qualifications to provide more detail when advertising the position—either internally, externally, or both (Mondy and Noe, 1996).

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

Humans are an organization's greatest assets; without them, everyday business functions such as managing cash flow, making business transactions, communicating through all forms of media, and dealing with customers could not be completed. Humans and the potential they possess drive an organization. Today's organizations are continuously changing.

In today’s intensely competitive and global marketplace, maintaining a competitive advantage by becoming a low cost leader or differentiators put a heavy premium on having a highly committed or competent workforce.

The process of compiling, maintaining, reviewing, and modifying data about various jobs mainly for the purpose of developing job descriptions and job specification is called job analysis. A third output that can be obtained from job analysis is job evaluation.


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