The process of compiling, maintaining, reviewing, and modifying data about various jobs mainly for the purpose of developing job descriptions and job specification is called job analysis. A third output that can be obtained from job analysis is job evaluation.

Job description:

A written statement of what the jobholder does, how it is done, and why it is done. It should be accurately portray job content, environment and conditions of employment.

Job specification :

The minimum acceptable qualifications that a job incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully. Based on the information acquired through job analysis, the job specification identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the job effectively.

Job evaluation:

Specifies the relative values of each job in the organization. Job evaluation is made possible by the data generated from job analysis.


In trade service division there are three departments they are Export, Import & guarantee. We choose Import Department as our Job Analysis because Md. Yusuf Ali, Manager, import Department is our familiar and he gave us tremendous support for give us information from his department that’s why we feel positive to prepare job analysis of Import Department.